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Yoga & Coaching transforms. In such a short time it can transform how you feel in your body, mind & emotions. It finds space where you thought there was none and clarity when it was all cloudy and obscure.



My intention with this space is to be able to assist you in your journey toward greater freedom, spaciousness and lightness in your body, mind and spirit.

Audio Meditations

Audio Meditations

Towards the end of the year in 2018, I decided to do a 30 day challenge of recording a meditation a day, nothing fancy just a recording done from my microphone mic on my phone. I tried to explore the different styles and techniques I teach at Billabong Retreat and...

Meditations for Every Situation

Meditations for Every Situation

Here is my recent article I wrote for Body and Soul: When social dramas, work or relationships are playing on your mind, try these practices by meditation teacher Basia Nowacki of Billabong Retreat. The beauty of meditation is there are a variety of techniques to help...

What is Pranayama

What is Pranayama

“Breath is central to yoga, because Breath is central to life” T. Krishnamacharya. “Breathing is one of the most important and fundamental processes of our human system: a reflection of what is happening within us, and a way for us to influence our mind and feelings”...

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