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Yoga & Coaching transforms. In such a short time it can transform how you feel in your body, mind & emotions. It finds space where you thought there was none and clarity when it was all cloudy and obscure.


My intention with this space is to be able to assist you in your journey toward greater freedom, spaciousness and lightness in your body, mind and spirit.


April 10, 2017

Meditations for Every Situation

Here is my recent article I wrote for Body and Soul: When social dramas, work or relationships are playing on your mind, try these practices by […]
March 16, 2017

What is Pranayama

“Breath is central to yoga, because Breath is central to life” T. Krishnamacharya. “Breathing is one of the most important and fundamental processes of our human […]
December 28, 2016

What style of yoga do you teach?

A question I often get asked is; What style of yoga do you teach? And if you have been around in the yoga community you are […]


  • "My one-one-one yoga session with Basia today was fantastic - I finally feel more confident in my ability and it will help with my practice at home and classes. I loved how welcoming and supporting she was" Tess
  • "Basia was so welcoming and I love her calming energy, her yoga classes were wonderful and always left me feeling relaxed and renewed." Kristy Finn
    Kristy Finn
  • "Basia is a nice person, from in and outside.
    She has a peace of mind which gives you also a good, relaxing feeling.
    I had the opportunity to have a private lesson with her, which gave me a lot of good feedbacks for my private practice.
    She was very patient and had a nice way to explain how to perform the Asanas.
    The private lesson was well prepared, so that my expectations were fulfilled and she also knew my abilities.
    The group classes were good as well, and also people who were beginner were able to follow the classes.  I really appreciate the time with her." Sara Pezzuto
    Sara Pezzuto
  • Thank you so much for your time today. It was exactly what I needed. It's so important to connect with someone who just gets it :)  You are a lovely human and just a genuine yogini. It was a pleasure meeting you. Your light is contagious. Thanks again for your help and advice. No doubt I will be back. Namaste.
    Michelle Adam
  • "Extremely empathetic & nurturing, practical, thoughtful. Listened but guided towards non-story. Meditation was amazing and changed my perspective. Gave me a new awareness to connect in everyday life.
  • Basia is an amazing coach. Helped me to get to the core of my tribulations and personal limitations. I became aware of other crucial issues that are affecting me at a emotional, physical and psychologic level. Thank you very very much!
  • Basia was very loving and approachable. I am confident to say if she were not so it would certainly have been a different outcome. This session was offered at a critical point in my life and I certainly gained a powerful insight with her gentle kindness. Thank you Basia for your time and amazing light!
  • Kindness and compassion felt from the coach - felt nurtured. I now feel empowered to start. Making the "commitment" was powerful. Time for space to reflect and have feelings come to the surface was also a benefit. I would like to continue with this process.