"Yoga is the journey of the self,
through the self,
to the Self."

The Bhagavad Gita.


Yoga & Meditation Teacher

"Basia is a yoga and meditation teacher, known for her down to earth kindness, warm and calming spirit. She teachers and inspires acceptance of what is, living in the present moment, connecting to your essence and higher self and integration of yoga into your daily life. Basia studied classical yoga with Michael de Manincor at the Yoga Institute in the Krishnamacharya tradition. She currently teaches at Billabong Retreat and offers private yoga & meditation sessions”

Basia is also a transpersonal coach through her studies at Nature Care College. Her work as a transpersonal coach is to help facilitative higher awareness and body-mind wisdom, to reclaim the life you deserve and desire to live.

Yoga Transforms

My Mission

My own reflection... Working at a yoga retreat centre, teaching roughly 30 new people each week, I get to really see how powerful yoga is in transforming a person's state in such a short time. After one class I see people softening, connecting, slowing down, and returning to the love that they are. It showed me that at our core we are all love but life can make us build an armour around ourselves and lose that connection. Yoga reconnects you to your true essence and strips away things that no longer serve you.

I love to teach this beautiful art form and see this transformation in people. It has tremendous power to help you with anything that you are dealing with as it is enriched with gifts to give you.

My mission is to use the tools of yoga to help bring about the transformation you wish to see in your life.

Yoga that is appropriate to an individual

The “Style” I teach

From the tradition that I have studied and from my experience, I believe everyone should have their own unique personal practice. Everyone is so uniquely different; in their bodies, what life stage they are in, what physical, mental or emotional limitations or issues they are working on. And yoga is meant to be shaped to an individual, to help them where they are at and what they want to work on. This will not only remove injury as a person modifies accordingly to their body, but it will keep you engaged and you will see and receive the results the benefits the gifts much quicker.


My message

  • Yoga is more then just asana - lets use asana as just one of the tools.
  • Move with breath - Moving meditation
  • Shift & release energy
  • Explore your mind, discover and change
  • Live life ease fully, joyfully, using your potential and growing
  • Seeker of truth- ultimate truth - who am I - Self Inquiry
  • Take time to rest. Be present. Acceptance
  • Live from your higher self - develop intuition, follow your heart
  • Meditate

"Be where you are, not where you think you should be."