Creation not just absorption

Creation not just absorption

My tendency is to read, watch, listen and learn.

And that’s what I enjoy most. But it can be an addiction that isn’t truly helpful and almost decadent. The true gift of learning is either having a shift in perception or being able to improve one’s own or someone else’s life. I am going to try to break my habit of just absorbing information and for every bit of wisdom and knowledge I get, my aim – my little mission, is to create a piece of work which reflects my learning- something small, maybe a post, maybe an image, maybe a video. In hope to get out of the cycle of just absorbing information and being able to put it into some good use 🙂

My fears and plentiful. I have always criticised my writing, and it has never come easy. I do not know if I’ll be able to articulate myself well. But I hope that through the practice I will improve.

My overall intention is to actually acquire skills and tools that I can teach and help the people that come into my life.

Lets do this



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